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About flixOflex™

About flixOflex™

Life-Changing Therapy

Although the replacement of the human natural crystalline lens by an intraocular lens (IOL), to treat either cataract or Presbyopia is, at present, one of the most commonly performed procedures worldwide, a significant number of patients do not reach optimum vision due to the development of posterior capsule opacification and/or dislocation of the IOL. Through fixOflexTM, EYE PCR incorporates innovation in conjunction with the extraordinarily successful method towards restorative intervention.

A Closer Look at EYE PCR

We thrive at the intersection of innovation and health. Our mission: bring extraordinary science to life-changing therapies for patients with eye disorders. Established in 2018, led by pioneering inventors, EYE PCR ‘s primary objective is to develop a science-based, cutting- edge breakthrough (Peripheral Capsule Reconstruction Torus) that addresses the challenges in cataract and refractive surgery.


flixOflex™ Benefits

fixOflexTM for optimizing
your patients’ IOL performance

Over the past several decades, through improved diagnostic and therapeutic options, cataract extraction and clear lens exchange have been two of the most common surgeries worldwide with significant visual outcomes.

Despite the explosion of innovations designed to improve the quality of vision, several postoperative complications may occur related to the fibrotic reaction and collapse of the lens capsule, that may be the cause of posterior capsule opacification (PCO) and dislocation of the intraocular lens (IOL).


fixOflexTM Benefits

fixOflexTM, circumferential barrier against cell migration and posterior capsule opacification (PCO)

The structures of fixOflexTM’s outer rim maintain contact with the inner peripheral surface of the lens capsule thereby providing a barrier against cell migration.

fixOflexTM, consistent “bed” for IOL placement

fixOflexTM contains stable internal rim structures that fix, centre and stabilise the optical part of the IOL between the anterior and posterior capsular fixed space.

fixOflexTM, secure IOL replacement at any time

By preserving the capsular bag form and enclosed volume, the internal fixed structures of fixOflexTM provide a stable environment for any future IOL replacements.



fixOflexΤΜ has the shape of a torus like structure that includes both stable and flexible parts


EΥΕ PCR Vision

Our Vision

We are Creators of Positive View.

Vision is a valuable gift to which we are committed to safeguard. Through persistent scientific research and our knowledge, we endeavor to provide innovation to the service of patients, significantly improving their everyday lives.

Our vision is to establish a renowned scientific environment building trust by providing science-based, high-tech innovation for the improvement and preservation of our most precious sense.

EΥΕ PCR Vision

est in 2018


The Inventor

The Inventor

A Culture of Innovation

Since 1989, Professor Ioannis Pallikaris has been a pioneering leader in the research of Refractive Surgery, bringing over thirty years of discovery experience to this promising new therapy. He has contributed to three breakthrough articles in Ophthalmology related to the development and groundwork of LASIK. He is the first performed LASIK in human eyes in June 1990 and he is recognized from the international ophthalmic community as the “Father of LASIK”.

Professor Ioannis Pallikaris has contributed to numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, ophthalmic information magazines and is the author of six books about ophthalmology and innovative techniques. Renowned for his scientific work and dedication in the field of refractive surgery, Professor Ioannis Pallikaris has been honored with twenty-five international awards from the largest associations worldwide, among them the “Barraquer Award” of the AAO American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Redlay Medal of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and others…


Our Team

We experiment, we research and we invent

We are thinkers and doers. We experiment, we research, and we invent, always evolving and creating results. Collectively, our team forms a solid, cohesive partnership of vastly skilled Ophthalmologists, Engineers and Administrative Specialists, with the expertise, resilience, spirit and professionalism necessary for development against novel targets.


Aristofanis Pallikaris
MSc, PhD
Project Coordinator


Harilaos S. Ginis, MSc, PhD
Regulatory Affairs Manager


Loukia Leonidou, MSc
Quality Manager /
Clinical Monitor

Elena Ioannou

Elena Ioannou
Administrative Manager

Manolis Modatsos, MSc
Production Assistant


Onurcan Sahin MSc, PhD
Former Product Manager

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