We are Creators
of Positive View

Vision is a valuable gift to which we are committed to safeguard. Through persistent scientific research and our knowledge, we endeavor to provide innovation to the service of patients, significantly improving their everyday lives.
Our Vision is to establish a renowned scientific environment building trust by providing science-based, high-tech innovation for the improvement and preservation of our most precious sense.
Our mission: bring extraordinary science to life-changing therapies for patients with eye disorders

The Company


We thrive at the intersection of innovation and health

EYE PCR applies science-based innovation to address some of Ophthalmology’s most challenging issues.

Since 2018, EYE PCR has driven the future of cataract and refractive surgery, ever evolving on Professor Ioannis Pallikaris’s original conception of the creation of an endocapsular open torus which gives a definitive solution to complications associated with treatment procedures of either cataracts or Presbyopia, rendering each of them highly successful.

ΕΥΕ CPR continues to research and advance its latest scientific product with aim to procure through meticulous and strategic steps, the product’s “CE” mark, within 2022.

The Long View

Our main goal is the advancement of our profession and to ensure the delivery of science grounded, maximum quality eye care. Not bound by short term outlooks, we use scientific methods to establish our technology and shape the future. In this manner EYE PCR opens new horizons to the Medical Community and radically transforms patients’ lives!

Through fixOflexTM, EYE PCR incorporates innovation in conjunction with the extraordinarily successful method towards restorative intervention.