Quality Manager / Clinical Monitor

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Loukia Leonidou MSc

Loukia, is a detail-oriented professional responsible for the development and implementation of inspection activities. Her main area of expertise focuses on mathematical modeling and statistics for Ophthalmology. Additionally, Loukia has in depth knowledge of ophthalmology as she has been a scientific associate of the Optics and Vision Laboratory of Medical School of the University of Crete for more than ten years.  She participated in many specialized courses among which “ICH-GCP in English” and “Getting started with Castor EDC”.

Loukia is the Quality Manager and Clinical Monitor for EYE PCR B.V. and is responsible for the company’s Quality Management System as it is formed and the communication of the company in conjunction with the clinical side and the verification of the clinical data.

Degree of Mathematics and Master’s Degree in Optics and Vision, University of Crete,
PhD candidate for the Department of Mathematics at the University of Crete
Her current research interests include mathematical modelling, use of neural networks and image analysis applied in the field of Ophthalmology and specifically optical aberrations. She is interested in the development of innovative technology for Ophthalmology and research for improving human vision.

Work Highlights:
Loukia has been a teaching assistant at the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of University of Crete for nine semesters. She was teaching Mathematics, Programming and Modelling at lab hours for the respective lessons which include Calculus, Arithmetic Analysis, Theory of Probabilities, Applied Statistics, use of computers for Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and Arithmetical Simulations, Programming in Matlab and Python. She also possesses work experience in Public Schools and Private coaching and education schools for teaching Mathematics and CAD design software.
She has been a private tutor for more than fifteen years to undergraduate and graduate students. She worked for the Development of digital courses and the support of the institutional platform of the University of Crete for the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. She also partook in a research team at the Foundation of Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) working on Scientific Meta-computing and Ontologies.