Regulatory Affairs Manager

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Harilaos S. Ginis, MSc, PhD

Harilaos performs a critical role in driving innovation and contributes to process improvement initiatives across the company. He is active in the field of biomedical physics and especially, physiological optics, ophthalmic devices and vision. He has established knowledge in the designing and researching of various medical devices and particularly clinical application and certification and in some cases, has also licensed associated patents to manufacturers.

Since 2003, Harilaos teaches modules in Visual Optics, Image and Signal Processing and Modern Optics in the MSc Program “Vision and Optics” of the University of Crete. His current research pursuits include optical metrology in the human eye, intraocular lenses, measurement of the mechanical properties of ocular tissues and mathematical modelling.

A strong and accomplished professional, Harilaos is the Regulatory Affairs Manager of EYE PCR, linking the activities of product development, production setup, infrastructure and clinical applications with regulatory compliance.

BSc in Physics. Department of Physics, University of Crete
PhD in Biomedical Technology. Department of Medicine, University of Crete.

Work Highlights:
Harilaos has given more than 150 talks in international conferences and more than twenty keynote (invited) lectures and seminars in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. He has overseen more than twenty MSc projects as primary supervisor and provided support, guidance and practical supervision to students of eight PhD projects.