Clinical Investigators


The University Hospital of Heraklion

The University Hospital of Heraklion is closely connected to the School of Medicine. Its main functions are:

  • to provide outstanding secondary and – mainly – tertiary specialized health care to the people of Crete and the southern Aegean islands
  • to provide the highest level of clinical training and education to
    • the medical students of the University of Crete,
    • the nursing students of the Technological Educational Institute of Heraklion,
    • medical residents (full clinical and laboratory training residency programs in all medical specialties plus a great number of sub-specialties).
  • to provide Continuing Medical Education programs to medical specialists and health professionals.

University Ophthalmology Clinic of Heraklion

University Ophthalmology Clinic of Heraklion   has 31 years of continuous presence in the front line of research and the provision of innovative medical health services in the field of ophthalmology in our country.

The clinic  continues today to be a reference center for ophthalmic research and enjoys special appreciation among both vision scientists and patients who trust it for their vision problems.

EYE PCR   and University  Ophthalmology Clinic of Heraklion are recently cooperating  for fixOflexTM conducting clinical trials  that will be held in the Ophthalmological Clinic of the University Hospital of Heraklion.

Principal Investigator of the clinical trials is Prof. Efstathios Detorakis and co-investigators the ophthalmic surgeons Christina Skatharoudi, Anastasios Stavrakakis and Dimitris Liakopoulos